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Our products and the landscape have much in common. At French & Basque Imports we know the land and the people well. It is our native country and it is our pleasure to bring the experiences and wares of this amazing part of the world… to you.


French cuisine is widely recognized among the world’s finest. Alluring spices enhance the flavor of your favorite meals. Mouthwatering sweets and treats tempt the taste buds. Special coffees and buttery galettes are perfect any time of day.


The art of weaving is no stranger to the Basque country where linens are made from the highest quality cotton. Gorgeous textiles are commonplace here, and renown for their vibrant colors and handsome designs. Beautiful woven tablecloths, linens and towels are wonderful as gifts and add pizzazz to any room as home décor.


All-natural ingredients grown in the south of France give rise to exquisite soaps, oils, lotions and cosmetics. Beautifully scented and fresh, treat yourself to a skin-healthy glow with products from Savon-de-Bordeaux and others.


Brighten your table and liven-up your living space with colorful dishware, pottery and home accessories. Age-old designs like the Basque Cross along with dynamic colors and spirited patterns distinguish these unique pieces. Certain to delight as a gift or brighten your own home!


Breathe in the salty air of a seaside village or meander the vineyards of Bordeaux. We offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences to the south of France and Basque country. The region is rich with culture, history, beauty and flavor. Let us take you there.

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